Liitokala lii300 LCD Charger for 3.7 V 18650 26650 16340 Cylindrical Lithium Batteries, such as 1.2 v aa aaa nimh battery charge

Liitokala lii300 LCD Charger for 3.7 V 18650 26650 16340 Cylindrical Lithium Batteries, such as 1.2 v aa aaa nimh battery charge

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Intelligent MCU controlled / Charge (selective up to 1000mA) Capacity test (Discharge) / 5 V USB output (power bank) Short circuit protection / Reverse protection About Chg & Dsg Protection / About Heating Protection Time limitation (NiMH) / Cell protection fault Input: DC 12V / 1.5A (min.) Output load: Li-Ion 4.2 V 500mA / 1000mA * 2 Ni-MH / Cd 1.48V 500mA / 1000mA * 2 Cut-off charging voltage: 4.2 ± 0.05 V lithium-ion battery Discharge output: cutoff 500mA Li-Ion 2.8 V / 0.9 V NiMH battery USB output: 5 V 1000mA (only with 3.7V Li-ion battery inserted) For battery sizes: 8mm-26mm diameter; Height 34mm-71mm NiMH / Cd AAA / Microro, AA / Mignon, C / Bady, Sub-C, one Li-Ion 26650, 22650, 18650, 18490, 18500, 17500, 17355, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440 Charger and adapter 1 x Charger lii-300 1X12 1.5A ADAPTER ( Please leave a message US / EU) Did not receive a message, random release 1 X Usomanual We are direct sales factory, if you like this product, we intend to ag​ent, or need more quantity, you can contact with us. Second generation upgrade Lii300 lii260 Lii300 not only can test the capacity of 3.7V lithium battery, internal battery resistance, voltage, and can be added to a battery battery protection plate (71mm) can also be about 1.2V Nimh battery capacity, according to the internal resistance test of the battery, voltage, and strengthen the function of the USB 5 V charging, not only is a high-end intelligent charger, can also be used as a mobile power source: & # 65288; This product the test data is for reference only. Do not make any evidence. & # 65289;

Lii-300 display power on.

Charger display mode of operation.

In the view mode.

Lii-300 Said USB.

main functions: Dual channel independent charging detection, battery capacity, internal battery resistance, meter, short circuit protection, over current protection, zero volt activation, and support for AA / AAA ni-mh battery, USB 5V output . product characteristics: LCD display, capacity analysis, lithium battery and nickel metal hydride to pretend to be. The specific parameters: The input voltage dc: 12 v / 1.5 A Current charging lithium battery: 2 * (4.2V, 500mA), 2 * (4.2V, 1000mA) Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Charging Current: 2 * (1.4V, 500mA), 2 * (1.4V, 1000mA) Discharge current: 2 * 500 ma USB 5V output: 1000m Rechargeable Battery Specifications: 14500, 18650, 26650, AA, AAA, etc. Termination: intelligent voltage monitoring Shape size: 140mm (length) * 68mm (width) * 31mm (high) Products that use paper Charging mode (Charging mode) 1, when the charger plug charger all LCD screen instantly bright, if the battery is not will show us the Null, if it is a bad battery in also will display Null; 2, when the charger for the battery, internal battery resistance charger is measured in 3 seconds, then the system automatically enters the charging mode selection current, the screen with the words “500 mA” flash 8 seconds during the month Can choose through the mode key for the current of charge of 500 mA and 1000 mA, the system will lock in 8 seconds to the charging current of your choice, if within eight seconds, there is a set of, then the System automatically to the load current at 500 mA, the current will not be able to change again, if you want to change, the need to reset the battery. 3, the user needs to pay attention to the maximum charge current of rechargeable batteries, if you do not need fast charging, suggest the use of 500m of charge, this is the safest and most advantageous for the battery; 4, charging mode, through the light can press key switch to check the charging capacity (mAh) arging time (h) / internal battery resistance (mR) current arging (mA), four units, after that The battery is Full, will show the Plena, the next small display line in the Final (rechargeable). Discharge Mode (Capacity Test Mode) 1, the Discharge Mode is the first battery, then the ability to record the Battery Discharge capacity and Battery Discharge automatically after the battery is full. 2, for the Discharge mode, after the battery in the battery’s internal resistance charger is measured, in all state, long press the mode key for 3 seconds to enter the Discharge mode. After 3, selected load-current in Discharge mode, the screen appears with the words “500 mA” flash of 8 seconds, during the month of May through the mode key to select the current 500 mA and 1000 mA, the System will block you choose in 8 seconds of current, if 8 seconds, not set, then the system will automatically lock 500 mA of current to the battery (currently selected) is a system to recharge the current battery. After 4-when the battery, battery discharge, the system automatically to 500 ma and current discharge record for the discharge of the battery power, as well as to detect the capacity of the battery, when the screen appears Discharher and end of the mode Capacity detection, the scintillation of the electric power parameter screen is the actual capacity of the battery. 5, after recharging, ability to detect patterns, the charger before the current parameters selected for the battery again, until it is complete. USB 5 v OUT 1, USB only as a booster output, the output current is 1000 ma, connect the input source to the USB output is invalid. 2, when the battery in the slot of the reinforcement in the awake, at this time may be in the 5v power electronics. 3, the product of two slots, a slot are available for USB booster output, suggested that both slot in the battery. 4, USB 5 V booster to run only on 3.7 V lithium battery, nickel metal hydride booster is invalid. Warning: This product does not support lithium iron phosphate batteries

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